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Sesame Noodles with Napa Cabbage
Sesame Noodles with Napa Cabbage

3 Tb peanut butter

1-2 Tb sesame oil

1 Tb rice or balsamic vinegar

2 tsp sugar (optional)

tsp red pepper flakes or tsp chile sauce

10 oz. Long noodles, such as spaghetti or udon

lb. Napa cabbage, shredded (about 4 cups)

cup chopped cilantro

Boil noodles according to directions. Meanwhile, whisk together peanut butter, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar and pepper flakes in a small saucepan. Warm the sauce mixture in its saucepan over medium-low heat. Place cabbage in colander over sink. When noodles are done cooking, drain over the cabbage to wilt it. Transfer noodles and cabbage to a serving bowl, add sauce, and toss until combined. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve. 4-6 servings.

(Adapted from Vegetarian Times, Feb. 2007)